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The following is our standard publishing agreement with all anthology writers. If you want to make the publication process happen more quickly you can digitally sign your submissions and avoid the delay in us sending you a separate agreement, and then remembering to sign it and send it back.


This standard agreement applies to all our anthologies we will use Gravestone Press below for illustrative purposes only:-



Gravestone Press

Writer's Short Story Agreement



This contract is made between Stuart Holland T/A Fiction4All, the owner of the Gravestone Press imprint, whose address is


P.O. Box 375, Tadworth, KT20 9EZ hereinafter referred to as the PUBLISHER




{Real Name of Author}

whose address is

{Address of Author}


EMAIL ADDRESS: {email address of author}



Writing As: {Pen Name of Author}

Hereinafter referred to as the Author


The parties agree as follows:


Author's Grant


The Author grants permission to include his/her story/stories listed below in the

{ANTHOLOGY NAME and Volume} anthology

which will be published by Fiction4All in its Gravestone Press imprint

as an e-book, paperback and, at the discretion of Fiction4All, as a hardback,


{Story Title}




This use of the Work by the Publisher entails the assignment of First Worldwide Anthology Rights (or Reprint rights if a reprint), for publication in the English language anywhere in the world.


Terms of License


AUTHOR agrees to grant PUBLISHER the right to keep the WORK in print for as long as there is a demand for the anthology.


Payment and Royalties


For the rights granted to the Publisher above the Author will receive exposure and where eligible, as stated on the Anthology Writers Suite at, a single royalty payment upon publication of the Anthology and a share of royalties for sales.


Authors' Warranties and Indemnities


The Author represents and warrants that they are the sole author of the Work. The Author also represents, to the best of their knowledge, that the Work does not contain any libelous material.


Changes in Text


The Publisher reserves the right to make alterations to the Work's text without the Author's approval, including, but not limited to, copy-editing changes to conform the style of the text to its customary form and usage. This does not mean that the editor will change the story, only that the editor will correct mistakes and make sure the story is consistent, and format it for print. Little changes as spelling errors are in every manuscript, we correct spelling without the writers consent, believing that the writer wants the story to be correct. Consistency means if a writer called the main character Jane fifteen times and then at the end writes June, and its obvious that he/she meant Jane, we will correct this without asking for permission. We expect the writer to understand that we do not have time to give them a copy with notes, for simple little corrections that just make the story right.


Publishing Formats


PUBLISHER will prepare the book for distribution as a Quality Trade paperback book & E-book. PUBLISHER agrees to secure ISBNs for the paperback editions and submit the ANTHOLOGY to distributors including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other potential distribution channels, so that it may be available for purchase through these systems.


At discretion of the PUBLISHER, a hardback edition with its own ISBN may also be created.




AUTHOR retains copyright to WORK; PUBLISHER retains copyright to the anthology, and copyright credit will be listed to the PUBLISHER for the anthology on the copyright page.


Reversion of Rights and Withdrawal of Offer to Publish


In the event that the Work is not published within 12 months of signing this agreement, all rights revert to the Author, and the Author has the right to sell or arrange for publication of the above-named Work in any manner.


The Publisher may withdraw offer to publish at any time, for any reason, prior to publication of the ANTHOLOGY with a written notice to the author, at which point all licenses herein shall revert to the AUTHOR.



Author's Credit


The Author will be credited at the beginning of the anthology as:-


{Story Title} { Pen Name of Author}




This agreement shall be deemed executed under the laws of the United Kingdom. United Kingdom law shall be the applicable law of this agreement.


The parties acknowledge that each party has read and understood this contract before execution.