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Effective 1st February 2022


A number of Fiction4All imprints now accept submissions for their anthologies:-


            Gravestone Press - publishes Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal and Dark Fantasy

            Double Dragon – publishes Science Fiction and Fantasy

            Fiction4All – publishes general fiction not covered by the previous two imprints

            Curved Quill Press – publishes poetry

            4Play Press – publishes erotica


Submissions for novels and novellas, as well as single author anthologies or collections of short stories, should be made through the Exclusive Author suite in the Fiction4All Publishing Hub at – you will need to become a member first as that is the basis for our publishing software and royalty payment systems. We welcome new and experienced authors who write in the genres related to our various imprints.


Submissions for our Anthologies are handled differently.  On our site at we have special pages dedicated to our calls for anthologies. These pages show you what we are looking for in terms of both subject matter and presentation. It is essential all writers submitting to our anthologies follow the instructions – scripts will be rejected if you don’t.


Within each anthology you are welcome to submit up to three related stories. With our Curved Quill Press anthologies you are welcome to submit more stories. You will be required to join us as a member before you can submit your first story. You will then need to follow online instructions to set up a basic author profile (pen name and biography).When you submit your story, or poetry, you will be asked if you want to agree to our standard publishing agreement by digitally signing your submission. If you agree to our standard agreement terms we will not issue you a separate agreement if your submission is accepted, and we will procced to include your story in the relevant anthology. This option cuts down on paperwork and should make the whole publication process quicker.


If you want a separate agreement and your script is accepted, then you will receive a Publishing Agreement which will contain the final details for you to agree and sign. In this event, if we do not receive the signed document back from you before the anthology is published, your work will not be included.


Payment of a one-off fee (as per our rate card below) will be credited to your Fiction4All member account shortly before we publish the anthology. To receive payment you must have a PayPal account, which you will need to add to your member account. If you are overseas (not UK) then please be aware that PayPal deduct a processing fee for any payment we make to you. Fiction4All pays authors using PayPal either on a weekly or monthly or quarterly basis (authors’ choice) but you must have a minimum of $10 or £10 in your account to receive payment as otherwise the PayPal charges swallow up most of it! If you are in the UK we can also pay direct to a bank account. We do not hold account details on file so will need to acquire them from you in due course.


Terms of Publishing


Your submission, may be an original, unpublished work, or you can submit your story as a reprint if you have the rights to do so from a previous contract or because rights have reverted to you. You must be the sole author of the work and your work must not contain any libellous material, any terrorist-related content or any religious hatred.


We reserve the right to make alterations to any text without your permission on the basis such changes will be for the purposes of formatting the script to our in-house style, resolving any spelling or grammar issues and ensuring characters and locations are named consistently. We will not change the story itself other than for the above checks.


If your submission is accepted into an anthology, we will publish it as an eBook on our own sites, and on 3rd party sites including Kindle and Smashwords. Smashwords distribute to Barnes & Noble, Apple and other sites on our behalf.


Provided the anthology contains sufficient total word count (about 30,000 words or more) we will also create a quality trade paperback edition of the anthology using one of our own ISBNs. The paperback edition will be printed by Ingrams/Lightning Source and be included in the Ingrams Global Connect marketing catalogue (except for our erotica anthologies) – available to all online and bricks and mortar retailers. We will also consider a paperback edition created within the Amazon/Kindle print platform. At the sole discretion of Fiction4All we may also create a hardback edition through Lightning Source.


You will be able to buy the digital or print version of the anthology through the Fiction4All website, as well as anywhere else we can get it listed.  We operate a number of newsletters which advertise new releases – if you subscribe to one of them you will be kept informed!


As author you retain copyright to your work. As publisher we retain copyright to the anthology for as long as it continues to sell. We will revert rights to any anthology we take out of sale. The copyright notice within the anthology will be listed to the Publisher and author will receive credit within the anthology both as author of a particular title and there is scope at the back of each anthology to include a short author biography for any authors wanting to be included.


If Fiction4All does not publish an anthology within 12 months of it being opened, rights will revert to the author. Likewise Fiction4All may withdraw the offer to publish at any time up to the date of publication and again rights will revert to the author.




As of 1st February 2022, for all existing open anthologies and those that are opened in the future, our rate card is as follows and is based on the edited script word count:-


Under 500 words – no royalty – though you will still get exposure for your creativity


For first print rights:-

500 to 999 words - £3 flat rate fee

1000 to 1999 words - £6 flat rate fee

2000 to 2999 words - £12 flat rate fee

3000 to 3999 words - £18 flat rate fee

4000 to 4999 words - £24 flat rate fee

5000 to 5999 words - £30 flat rate fee

6000 to 6999 words - £36 flat rate fee

7000 to 7999 words - £42 flat rate fee

8000 to 8999 words - £48 flat rate fee

9000 to 9999 words - £54 flat rate fee

10,000+ words - £60 flat rate fee


For reprint rights the rate will be half the above.


For our Curved Quill Press anthologies, a flat fee will be based on the total word count of all submissions by an author that are accepted in the anthology. So, for example, if you write 5 poems with word counts of 300, 300, 500, 200 and 500 words, the royalty credited to you would be based on a total word count of 1800 words, or £6.00.


In addition to the above, we provide a royalty split between Fiction4All and contributors. This works on the basis of a pot of available money which is created for each sale achieved and this is then divided amongst the contributors based on the contributing word count compared to the entire word count. It applies to sales on our own sites and 3rd party sites where we distribute our books.



Stuart Holland

Owner of Fiction4All