This page was last updated February 2021


In October 2019 Fiction4All launched the

Market Boost Program for Paperback Editions.

Since then circumstances have changed.



This program revolutionises the way the author can make more from their paperback editions, both from new titles and existing titles. Back in 2019, Fiction4All signed up to our printers Global Marketing initiative – meaning we could print and ship your paperbacks in almost every country around the world.


Times move on and we are extremely excited to announce that with immediate effect entry to the Ingrams Global Connect Catalogue is automatic and free – with just a few restrictions.


The Global Connect catalogue only includes books that are assigned a proper ISBN – which is what we will do for all books from this point forward. There are a few conditions for adult/erotic fiction. The covers must be bland (so we have created our own generic covers by adult imprint for this purpose) and the descriptions on the book cover MUST NOT contain any content that would breach the Ingram rules. These are basically the same as the content we say we will not publish. The same rules apply to the interior of the book so be careful. Things like gratuitous torture, body mods, and other banned content are not allowed so if we get this kind of story we will only create a print edition using an SKU -which means the book can only be ordered from our own websites,


To keep this simple for our erotica authors – keep the content consensual and all will be fine, Any noncon or dubcon will be handled on a story by story basis.


All general fiction and romance will be fine.


For older titles in our imprints, that were published without an ISBN will be re-created with an ISBN as soon as we can get round to it. For adult stories this is of course assuming the content is suitable for the Ingram’s catalogue.