This page was last updated June 2021


Fiction4All has 4 distinct ways to sell your paperbacks.


First – our UK Mail Order catalogue

Second – Our online shops

Third – Direct Sales from our printers through their own marketing catalogue – some restrictions apply to adult content and a book must be assigned an ISBN for inclusion – which Fiction4All will supply as appropriate.

Fourth – Paperback editions for suitable titles created in the Kindle print platform


With very few exceptions, our paperbacks use a standard Format B layout.

That is12.9 cm wide x 19.8 cm tall.


This requires a word count of at least 20000 words (and ideally 30000 to 150000 words) to provide a decent sized book.


Our UK Mail Order catalogues are issued usually on a monthly cycle, and mailed to our subscribers early in the month. The exception to this are December and in most years August, when we do not produce new catalogues.


Cut-off dates for inclusion in a catalogue are approximately the 12th of the month for the digital publication.


This gives us time to get books into print and the catalogues printed.


All suitably sized books will be created at our printers with an ISBN so they can be included in their marketing catalogue – and thereby achieve global sales from their marketing catalogue. We can not include content in our Taboo Books imprint and books in the Fetish World Books imprint are handled on a title by title basis.


Where you opt to join our own paperback program and the book is suitable for our printer’s marketing catalogue, Fiction4All will provide an ISBN for the book. Where the book is not suitable for the marketing catalogue but is of sufficient words for a paperback we will create the paperback using an SKU meaning orders can only be made through our own sites.


If you have older titles in our imprints that are not yet in print or which have been assigned an SKU for a past print edition, we will assign ISBN numbers where the book can be included in the marketing catalogue. This will take time as we have about 900 such titles to consider – so please be very patient! We will prioritise authors who are still writing for us and those in regular communication with us.


We are also using the paperback program associated with the Amazon/Kindle platform. This will apply to suitable books (at our discretion) published by us on the Kindle Digital Platform.


For non-UK customers buying from our own sites we ship books direct from our printers.


To allow authors to decide what is appropriate for them, we have the following options:


1)     Author decides not to have any paperbacks published.

2)     Author opts into our own paperback program


For authors opting into option 2, you have the additional option for opting into the Kindle paperbacks platform. If you opt into it, then we will, as time permits, and for suitable books, create a separate edition of your paperback directly in Kindle, which will make your print edition appear on Amazon as always in stock. This edition can only be sold through Amazon. Please note, from October 2020 if you opt into the Kindle print program, you will automatically be opted into our own print program.




The Paperback package is entirely opt-in. With effect from October 2019 and because we now have a number of channels from which royalties can be received, and the sales achieved direct from our printers will also have different rates applied depending on the country where the books are sold into, we will be splitting any royalties received with the author on a 50/50 basis. If you have opted into the Fiction4All affiliate program, please note different rates apply to books sold through affiliates – see the affiliate program for more details.


Paperback sales on Amazon from Amazon editions will be included in our existing 3rd party reports and the royalty to the author will be 50% of payments made by Amazon.


To opt into our paperbacks program, please go the AUTHORS tab when logged in and follow the instructions there. If you need to change your existing options please email us.