This page was last updated January 2021


Fiction4All has made the decision to establish Publishing Agreements with all authors presenting new submissions in our Fiction4All, Double Dragon, Heartfelt Press, Zadkiel Publishing, 4Play Press and Silver Moon Books imprints. This is mainly so we can prove we have the rights to publish your books on other sites, such as Amazon, when they ask us to show evidence of rights.


Each time you submit a new title to us through the author suite, you will be asked to provide certain information which will enable us to create a Publishing Agreement specifically for your title, which will be emailed to you.


Submitting your book will be deemed to provide Fiction4All with digital (eBook) publishing rights on an exclusive basis. This means Fiction4All can sell your book on our own sites and distribute it on 3rd party sites such as, but not limited to, Kindle, Smashwords and GoogleBooks.


In addition you can give us the following paperback publishing and distribution rights. These are at your discretion. There are three options:-

1)     Our UK Mail Order catalogue – we do not supply an ISBN for books in this option as we only sell the books through our own catalogue

2)     As option 1 but also with distribution through the Lightning Source Ingram Global Connect catalogue (for non-erotic imprints). We provide an ISBN and include the book in the GC Catalogue for 1 year, meaning it becomes available to order through retailers globally (in theory).

3)     In addition to option 2 you can also opt for us to create a separate Amazon paperback which is sold solely on the Amazon websites. This uses an Amazon-specific ISBN and the book will be published under ‘Independently Published by Double Dragon (or our other imprints as listed above) an imprint of Fiction4All.  This option will mean Amazon will include your book as a Prime book available to ship in 2 days as opposed to 6 weeks for option 2) above.


You can also ask us to consider your book for an audiobook – whether we do create an audiobook is at our discretion and will also likely involve an author cost to achieve.  You can also indicate if you are going to create your own audiobook which you will supply for us to sell for you.


Finally we need an indication of the editing services you require from us. There are three options:-

1)     Level 1.  Your book has already been edited and proofread so you need us to format it to our in-house style and double check grammar and spelling. There is no cost to you for doing this.

2)     Level 2. Your book has had a certain amount of input from others but you need an editor to check for things like name consistency, grammar and spelling checks. This is a surface read option and the cost of the editor will be recouped from your initial royalties by a royalty reduction of 10% until the cost has been recovered.

3)     Level 3.  This is where your work is raw and needs a full edit. This is a chargeable service which you will negotiate directly with one of our approved editors.


Based on the above we will compile a Publishing Agreement which will be emailed to you, pre-signed. If you agree with it then please sign it where indicated and email the signed page back to us. If you do not agree then let us know and we will delete the submission.


The Agreement will set out the responsibilities for the author and publisher, depending on the information you provide during the submission process. It will then state what rights each party have and in particular that you agree to Fiction4All publishing your work and where we can distribute it and in what formats.


We would aim to email you an agreement within 72 hours of you making the submission, though it may take a bit longer if we are busy.