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We are now open to submissions from Poetry writers for inclusion in upcoming anthologies.

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Anthology Details

Poetic Pens - Volume 1

Open date : 27 / 08 / 2022   

Submissions between 50 and 5000 words please    Will close when filled

Poems, any subject, any length from a few tens of words to as long as you like. These anthologies are here to find new and experienced creative talent, so don't be shy, sharpen your metaphorical quills and send me what you've got. Our usual rates for anthologies apply as shown in the rate card. Each volume will be shorter in length than our other anthologies - we will use a shorter format for the paperback editions and need a total of just 24 pages to make that happen - so a volume will close and a new one open as soon as we can get these volumes produced.

Info from our editor: I'm one of those compulsive writers who have written all their lives. Through school and out the other side, still writing... add in compulsive reading and the result is an editor who can tackle most anything you might need edited at some time in your future. I have taken a copy editing course, but these days I turn editorial reading into tuition for the writer, it's a lot easier to see where writers can improve if I work on the stories they send. There's also the option of my writer's handbook, How Many Miles To Babylon? available through fiction4all. I also write books!

Terms: For this series of anthologies I am actively seeking poems from a few tens of words up to much larger creative works. Payment rates are in the terms document at the top of this page. If you are in any of these Poetic Pens anthologies you will at least get publicity for your writing name and there is also the opportunity to make some money from your creations. As with all submissions, no headers or footers, please, this is essential, I can't take them out! If you want advice, tick the box to get feedback, and then please don't stomp off into the sunset if I offer advice you don't want to hear!